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Australia’s treatment of refugees has been motivated by political expediency

The editorial from The Age on 2nd September 2015 unpacks many of the issues associated with Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. This includes sending them offshore or paying for them to be deported to Cambodia. As is stated in the first paragraph:

The grotesque folly of shipping asylum seekers to gated camps in poor nations, and forcibly returning others to countries that breach human rights or do not respect international conventions on refugees, has poisoned our regional relations and embarrassed Australia internationally. It is founded on a woeful lack of integrity and heightened political expediency.

This is apparently how Isis makes its money


This is an article posted on 9th of October in The Independent about how ISIS funds its campaign. What was interesting was that it cannot be maintained forever. As the write states:

So while the caliphate might be rich for the time being, under these circumstances, it can’t last forever.

Asylum seeker rallies across Australia draw thousands in support of refugees


Even though the government may not be as supportive, the people of Australia have spoken up en masse. The Guardian reported on the 11th of October that there were rallies held across Australia. As they stated:

Thousands of people in Australian cities have responded to a national call to rally in support of refugees and to push for the end of mandatory detention.

Nauru centre opening has ‘dramatic effect’ on detention challenge, court told

This article, published in the Guardian on 6th of October, explores the conditions of the Nauru Detention Centre, which is currently before the High Court of Australia.

Europe migrant crisis: Hungary arrests 200 asylum seekers for breaching new border laws


The ABC reported on the 16th September that Hungary has blocked off its borders with Serbia with razor wire fences. It is now a criminal offence to breach the borders and people will be charged with criminal offence and could face a prison sentence. A day after this law was enforced, Hungarian authorities have arrested nearly 200 (170) people for violating these new laws.

Slovenia offers shelter for 5,000 refugees

Slovenian Train

The Guardian has reported that Slovenia will try to ensure all those arriving from Croatia are cared for, but police threaten to return 150 who crossed border by train. Slovenian ambassador to the UK Tadej Rupel stated “What we are emphasising is that refugees and migrants need protection, our solidarity, compassion and respect. We are ready and committed to all the humanitarian needs of those who are migrating and for refugees.”

Croatia overwhelmed by flood of migrants, EU calls summit

Croatia Flood

The article published by Reuters talks about how migrants from Croatia are trying to escape the country by boarding a train to Slovenia. This causes the government to threat closing down train stations for migrants to leave. The Slovenian police have now caught 150 migrants trying to come into the country who are now forced to leave.

Air strikes alone won’t solve Syrian crisis

Air Strike

The Drum posted the following post on the 18th September 2015:

Australia’s first confirmed air strikes in Syria will mean very little unless they are accompanied by a co-operative political strategy to address the very conditions that have given rise to Islamic State, write Katja Theodorakis and Amin Saikal. There comes a time when the community’s role in the Syrian conflict is as controversial as ever. We are becoming increasingly confronted with the constants reminder of human suffering. Australia’s expanding participation in the campaign against the Islamic State is hailed as necessary to roll back the entity’s extremely brutal advance across Iraq and Syria. The first public confirmation of Australia’s direct involvement in the US-led air bombing campaign in Syria was at the time of the community’s conflict becoming more controversial.

US Lawmakers point fingers over Syrian migrant crisis


The VOA News reported that, the U.S. are considering taking in more refugees, as part of their humanitarian effort. They feel that with so many other countries taking in refugees (Lebanon having 1 mil, Turkey over 2 mil and Jordan over 1 million) the United States feels that it can do much more as a country that has abundant wealth. The US even started blaming Obama for not reacting to the crisis, and its being dismissed as a problem that’s root cannot be solved. Then that’s when people started pointing the fingers at others, each person having a reason to blame the other. This crisis has then been dismissed as a crisis creating the most refugees since World War 2.

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